Wolkenkraft Water Filter

WOLKENKRAFT Water filter will upgrade your FX MINI vaporizer. Furthermore, it will make the vapor even cooler and cleaner.


  • 1x WOLKENKRAFT water filter

WOLKENKRAFT Water filter

The Water filter will make your vaping even better. It was specially designed for the amazing FX MINI vaporizer. You just take the mouthpiece of the vaporizer off and insert the water filter into the chamber, fill it up with water and it is ready.

High Quality Glass

The water bubbler is made out of high-quality glass.
It makes filters out the vapor and additionally cools it down
for a pleasant inhalation.

Details WOLKENKRAFT Water filter:

  • Height: around 85 mm
  • Diameter: around 20 mm
  • Water filtration
  • Borosilicate glass/lab glass
  • two-piece, detachable mouthpiece