WOLKENKRAFT FX+ is an advanced convection vaporizer for herbs, wax, and oils. With its simple design, it is easy to use and very convenient. The true convection technology makes the vapor tasteful and clean for the best vaporization.


▹High-quality materials
▹Gentle and Extended inhalation modes
▹6 pre-set temperature
▹Glass mouthpiece
▹Fast heat-up time
▹Steam identification module
▹Vibrating function
▹Discreet design


WOLKENKRAFT FX+ is simple, convenient and offers all you need!


  • High-quality materials High innovative power & technological art
  • Gentle and Extented modesfor the best inhalation
  • 6-level temperature settingsFrom 170-220°C
  • Light indicatortemperature indicator
  • Powerful battery2200 mAh for long sessions
  • Fast heat up time20 - 30 seconds
  • Vibrating functionHeptic feel
  • Automatic shutdown After 5 minutes of use

Discreet Design

WOLKENKRAFT FX+ has a descreet simple design and its easy to use. Its pocket size it makes it discreet – you can take your FX+ everywhere with you. Size: 58x28x111 mm

Preset temperatures:

You can choose from 6 pre-set temperature levels.
Ranging from 170-220°C


– Material has no direct contact with
the heating element
– perfectly even evaporation
of the herbs
– pure steam flavor

Light temperature indicator

The light indicates the temperature you are evaporating at. Its a simple solution for an easy to use device.

Powerful battery

WOLKENKRAFT FX+ vaporizer has all the features the user needs. On top of that, its powerful battery allows you to have even longer sessions.

HERB / WAX / OIL vaporizer

In addition, a stainless steel chamber is included, with which you can evaporate all of your favorite herbs, oils, and waxes.

Delivery scope:

  • FX+ vaporizer
  • Glass mouthpiece,
    screen and silicon ring
  • Cleaning brush and cleaning wipes
  • Packing tool
  • Steel herb pod
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual (multilingual)

How to use FX+ vaporizer

Fill it up with herbs

Detach the mouthpiece and filtration chamber to reveal the heating chamber. Grind your preferred herbs and fill the chamber. Do not overcharge, so the air can go through the airflow holes and filter system through the mouthpiece.

Turn on & set your preferred temperature

When the vaporizer is filled with grinded herbs and has attached a mouthpiece you can fold out. With a quick 5-press of a power button, the device will turn on. Set your preferred temperature with the multifunctional button by pressing it 2 times rapidly. Every temperature setting has their own color.

White: 170 °C
Green: 180 °C
Blue: 190 °C
Dark Blue: 200 °C
Magenta: 210 °C
Red: 220 °C

The device will vibrate when the device is heated up. FX+ takes between 20 and 30 seconds to heat up.

With the hold of the button for 3 seconds, FX+ will change between two modes, gentle and extended mode. The extended mode will make the lights flash, and the gentle mode will make the lights slowly pulsate.

Vaporizing OIL or WAX

In order to enjoy oils, wax or extracts in general, use the attached steel pod chamber capsule. Remove the cap, fill it with your desired substance. Insert the cap and put the capsule in cleaned chamber. Attach the mouthpiece and turn on the device.

Charging the battery

For charging your WOLKENKRAFT FX+ use the attached USB cable. Read the instructions and do not use a plug with higher voltage than recommended. Otherwise, the wrong voltage can lower the battery life or damage the battery – in which case the warranty is not possible.

Also, on th bottom of the device, there is another light indicator that informs you of the battery level.

Green: 100 % – 60 %
Orange: 60 % – 20 %
Red: 20 % – 0 %

Tips & tricks:

Sterilize the device

We recommend sterilizing the unit before the first use. You can use this trick: Turn on an empty device to the highest temperature until it turns off. For more effect you can additionally repeat this 2 more times.

Optimal temperature setting for HERBS

When vaporizing herbs, we recommend setting your device to 180°C (356°F) or gradually increase the temperature for your taste. At 180°C (356°F) vaporizer will heat up the herbs to its optimal temperature, where are all the good components of the herb released.

Optimal temperature setting for OILS

Oil boils at lower temperature in a range of 160-180°C (320-356°F). You can also increase based on your taste.

Optimal temperature setting for WAXES

Wax boils at same or higher temperature in a range of 160-230°C (320-420°F). The best indicator is the volume of the steam.

Cleaning & maintenance

Clean the vaporizers chamber and mouthpiece with the attached brush after every use.
The dirt that appears on the mouthpiece after few sessions can be easily removed with alcohol wipes.
For longer lasting of the herb chamber we recommend using steel capsule even for herbs.

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