WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS is the most advanced vaporizer with patented ECA Easy Care Technology™️ taking vaporization to the next level. With its elegant and modern design, it is very appealing to the eye and it fits perfectly in your hand. The ECA Technology makes the herbs, wax, oil mix with the freshest air possible, making the cleanest and most tasteful vapor.


▹Patented ECA™️ Technology
▹High-quality materials
▹Precise temperature settings
▹Glass half-black mouthpiece
▹Modern and elegant design
▹Fast heat-up time
▹Vibrating function
▹Discreet design

WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS a revolutionary new convection vaporizer!


  • 7th Generation technologyRevolutionary ECA™️ Convection
  • High-quality materials High innovative power & technological art
  • Precise temperature adjustmentFrom 160-221°C
  • LED DisplayLarge and crystal clear
  • Powerful 2300 mAh battery For long sessions
  • Fast heat up time20 - 30 seconds
  • Vibrating functionHeptic feel
  • Automatic shutdown After 5 minutes of use

Elegant and Modern Design 

WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS has an elegant and modern design packed in an appealing body with a beautiful night blue color. Small Size with 52 x 25 x 84 mm.

Patented ECA Easy Care Airpath ™️

The new patented ECA Easy Care Airpath™️ convection technology that allow you to see through takes this vaporizer to a new level!
The best possible way to vaporize!

Precise temperature settings

The temperature ranges from 160 °C to 221 °C and it can be precisely adjusted by 1 °C.


– Material has no direct contact
with the heating element
– perfectly even evaporation
of the herbs
– pure steam flavor

Powerful battery

WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS vaporizer has new features that non of the vaporizers had before. On top of that a powerful 2300 mAh battery.

HERB / WAX / OIL vaporizer

This vaporizer can evaporate any type of material herbs, waxes and oils, so there are no limits, use your favourite!

How to use ÄRiS vaporizer

Fill it up with herbs

Detach the mouthpiece and filtration chamber to reveal the heating chamber. Grind your preferred herbs and fill the chamber. Do not overcharge, so the air can go through the airflow holes and filter system through the mouthpiece.

Turn on & set your preferred temperature


When the vaporizer is filled with grinded herbs and has attached a mouthpiece you can fold out. With a quick 5-press of a power button, the device will turn on. Set your preferred temperature with the up/down buttons and set it precisely to your needs.

The device will vibrate when the device is heated up. ÄRIS takes between 20 and 30 seconds to heat up.

Vaporizing OIL or WAX

In order to enjoy oils, wax or extracts in general, use the attached steel pod chamber capsule. Remove the cap, fill it with your desired substance. Insert the cap and put the capsule in cleaned chamber. Attach the mouthpiece and turn on the device.

Charging the battery

For charging your WOLKENKRAFT ÄRiS use the attached USB cable. Read the instructions and do not use a plug with higher voltage than recommended. Otherwise, the wrong voltage can lower the battery life or damage the battery – in which case the warranty is not possible.

Tips & tricks:

Sterilize the device

We recommend sterilizing the unit before the first use. You can use this trick: Turn on an empty device to the highest temperature until it turns off. For more effect you can additionally repeat this 2 more times.

Optimal temperature setting for HERBS

When vaporizing herbs, we recommend setting your device to 180°C (356°F) or gradually increase the temperature for your taste. At 180°C (356°F) vaporizer will heat up the herbs to its optimal temperature, where are all the good components of the herb released.

Optimal temperature setting for OILS

Oil boils at lower temperature in a range of 160-180°C (320-356°F). You can also increase based on your taste.

Optimal temperature setting for WAXES

Wax boils at same or higher temperature in a range of 160-220°C (320-420°F). The best indicator is the volume of the steam.

Cleaning & maintenance

Clean the vaporizers chamber and mouthpiece with the attached brush after every use.
The dirt that appears on the mouthpiece after few sessions can be easily removed with alcohol wipes.
For longer lasting of the herb chamber we recommend using steel capsule even for herbs.

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