• high innovative power
  • technological art
  • unique design
  • high quality materials
  • ecological awareness
  • …combined with usability, safety and customer care.


Feel the power of clouds

Update your ritual to a higher level with the brand-new vaporizers from
WOLKENKRAFT Premium Convection Vaporizers.

  • Exceptional core technology
  • Breathtaking design
  • Magnificent performance

WOLKENKRAFT Premium Vaporizers provides top quality vaporizing products. A series of robust core technology vaporizers with True Convection heating technology, always delivers fine, pure, and tasteful vapor. Truly – and so far the most efficient way to vaporize.

Convection is everything and more that your herbs need.
Heating element stands under the herb chamber. It heats up the air and the heated air travels through hundreds of small holes into a chamber through herbs. Herbs are evenly evaporated and it delivers and extraordinary tasteful and pure vapor. Herb releases its chemicals in the form of vapor, but not as hot enough to make it burn. Without burning, combustion, smoke, and other side product. The purest experience for healthier enjoyment of herbs.



WOLKENKRAFT provides all the fellow vaporizer enthusiast a game-changing experience with the best technology core.

True Convection


Why is convection more efficient then conduction? Learn more about vape heating technologies.



Ditch the paper – go for vapor – Convection type vaporizers are more consistent and more reliable as beneficial to health.

Perfect evaporization


The air is already heated before reaching the chamber and flows through the chamber.

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